Larry Taylor is a lifelong Texan and Baylor University graduate. In the Texas legislature, he has earned a reputation for being pro-education, pro-business, and a tough fighter for the communities of the Gulf Coast.

In just this past term, Larry has impressive accomplishments including:

Groundbreaking school finance reform package

Constitutional ban on a state income tax

Across-the-board raises for public school teachers

Ended the rape kit backlog and got justice for victims

Billions of dollars for hurricane relief and mitigation projects

Ban on “Sanctuary Cities”

Increased funding for low-income women’s healthcare and children’s medication

Larry is proud of his accomplishments in the legislature and with your support, he will do more.

He is Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Co-chair of the Joint House/Senate Committee on a Coastal Barrier, and a member of the Senate Committees on Finance, Higher Education, and Water and Rural Affairs and the Legislative Budget Board.


In the 86th Legislative Session, he also served as a member of the important Budget Conference Committee, responsible
for ensuring that legislators passed a balanced budget. Outside of the legislature, he also serves
as President of the Texas Conservative Coalition.

Larry and his wife Kerri have three beautiful adult children—Trudy, Carly and Jake—and three grandchildren.