Larry knows that an investment in our kids is an investment in the future. Larry is committed to providing every child a good education and that’s why he recently increased public education funding by $6.5 billion. As the Chairman of the Texas Senate Education Committee, Larry’s mission is to improve education for all students. 


This past session, Larry led the successful effort to pass legislation for pay raises for our public school teachers, librarians, counselors, and nurses. At the same time, he enabled local ISD’s to lower property taxes by increasing the state’s share of school funding. 


Larry has also been a leading advocate with area community colleges in their new pilot programs to equip high school students for immediate entry into the workforce upon graduation, giving them more options for building their careers.


Larry has worked hard alongside Governor Abbott, teachers, administrators, parents, and others to improve curriculums, provide more options for special needs students, expand Pre-K programs, increase school safety, and guarantee that our kids have the best education possible.


The record-breaking growth of the Texas economy is one of the biggest economic success stories in American history. The “Texas Miracle” was created by low taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and by keeping Texas job-friendly. 


To keep this momentum going, Larry battles against barriers to prosperity. He cuts red tape and works hard to solve tough problems like windstorm insurance coverage and disaster recovery from Hurricanes Harvey and Ike. He fights, against rising property taxes and he continues to improve funding for Texas schools. Larry Taylor is working to eliminate unnecessary regulations that harm our small businesses. This will help them to recover from COVID-19 and get our economy back to running at full capacity. 


Since Hurricane Ike in 2008, Larry has been working with local, regional, and other state leaders to protect our region from potentially devastating storms. This includes the construction of the coastal barrier, vital for the security and safety of our region. In the last legislative session, Larry helped provide $200 million in state funds to match with over $4 billion dollars in federal funds to keep this project moving forward. 


Larry was also able to pass significant windstorm insurance legislation to increase public oversight on rate increases, helping to reduce costs for policy holders. Additionally, he helped secure $2 billion in disaster relief funding to help rebuild our communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. 


Larry fights for the Gulf Coast communities.


Larry Taylor proudly passed the Lavinia Masters Act to eliminate the rape kit backlog and gave law enforcement the tools they need to prosecute sexual assault crimes and deliver justice to victims. He also passed a bill that stops illicit massage parlors, enhances investigative tools, and protects girls and boys from human traffickers.

Larry Taylor understands the role of law enforcement in keeping our communities safe and will fight against all attempts to defund the police.


“Shall not be infringed” doesn’t leave much in question. Larry is a staunch advocate of Constitutional rights. He has worked to protect private property, freedom of religion, and the 2nd amendment. Larry is A-rated and endorsed by the NRA.


The Constitution is the bedrock of our nation’s prosperity, liberties, and way of life. Without the rights protected by the Constitution, America would not be the global beacon of freedom, innovation, and hope. As Texas goes, so goes the nation. This makes it even more vital that our state defends and upholds this crucial document.  


Larry Taylor believes healthcare should never be a luxury. That’s why he passed a healthcare bill that improves access to medication for children and ensures our hospitals can function at full capacity. He also increased funding for women's healthcare, providing low-income women increased access to cancer screenings and mammograms. 


Protecting and securing our border is key. It is necessary to ensure national security, stop the dangerous flow of illegal drugs, prevent criminal activity of gangs, and end human trafficking at our southern border. Larry has supported Governor Abbott’s efforts to secure the border to protect our communities, fight crime, and uphold law and order.


This past session, Larry supported Governor Abbott sending an additional 1,000 state troopers and $800 million to the border for enhanced security measures. Larry has also been a part of passing $2 billion over two sessions to defend the border and close gaps in our state and national security.


Larry is a father, grandfather, and Christian who believes in the sanctity of all human life. Endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life, he is 100% pro-life and a staunch defender of innocent life in our state.